Ben Walnick - Founder and President of Creative Services

Ben spent 10+ years in the broadcast television industry with stations in Waco, Tulsa and Dallas. With degrees in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism, he has been telling unique stories for over a decade. 

He fell in love with video cameras while studying at the University of Oklahoma's Journalism School. Ben was one of the first journalists in the country to use a drone for a television station in the summer of 2016, when the Federal Aviation Administration laws changed. He has continued to push the limits of aerial photography since then. 

Ben's vision is to combine journalism with the many advances in camera technology to produce unique productions for companies across the country. A complete story can be told by combining the voices of a business and its customers with beautiful aerial images and stunning video on the ground.

Andrew carter - Founder and president of business development

Andrew attended the renowned University of Missouri School of Journalism where he also began his broadcast TV career at NBC in Columbia, MO. He then spent an additional four years in broadcast television in Tulsa and Kansas City as an anchor and reporter in sports and news. 

His journey brought him to the Final Four, Western Conference Finals, NFL Playoffs, multiple BCS bowl games and countless other premier sporting events.

Andrew is an Emmy Award winning journalist, achieving recognition for his Tulsa work in 2015. He also was recognized by the Associated Press and Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. Andrew excelled in engaging with viewers on social media and his sponsored segment "Fans in the Stands." He is especially looking forward to being one of those fans again. Born and raised in the Chicago area, he takes any opportunity to take in a Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks or yes... even a Bears game. 

Andrew is excited to implement this concept that he created with Ben, to bring the same integrity and work ethic of a journalist to the private sector. His expertise in interviews and videography will help tell the perfect story for Let It Fly Media's clients.